Vishal Vatnani

Design, Operations, Marketing

Things I love

Python programming
System Design and Algorithms
Android programming
Marketing and Management
Psychology (Behavioral)
Reading and Writing
Guitars and Song Writing
Public speaking

My Philosophy

A question about who we are and where we have come from, is the only question we can ask once we have settled all our worries for the day. Everything else that we do is just an excuse to keep ourselves occupied with the mundane life and preventing this thought from passing our minds.

It is in this very moment of inquiry when we have the tremendous power of creating something that can be used as a tool to push our species further into the quest of demystifying the Universe. is our one such personal effort, which aims at shifting our social behavior, which is largely instinctive, to the analytical kind.

Only when we analyze things, we can be at peace, fully aware, and in control of our selves.