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Vishal Vatnani

Data and Business Analyst

What I do quite frequently

Data Analytics

I play the role of a full-time Data Analyst at Hair & Compounds, Inc. where I design and deploy the necessary analytics implementations to answer questions such as, "What is the churn rate this month? What is our CAC per channel? How many interactions can predict a sale? What are our most loyal customer segments?"
I use Python, R, SQL, BigQuery, Google App Engine, Google Sheets, Data Studio, Tableau, Mode, Elasticsearch, Google Analytics, and anything that I can learn to get "the job done"

Marketing Analytics

At H&C, I also get to create and monitor ad campaigns on Facebook & Instagram, test hypotheses and design experiments for website & landing pages, curate written and visual content after validating customer needs through data analysis (qualitative and quantitaive);

Apply a "Jobs to be Done" perspective to customer surveys to segment them by their "needs", "anxieties", "struggles", "habits" and then designing value propositions that fit each segment.

Web App Development

Again, at H&C, I maintain and develop the front-end Shopify store and implement analytics & tracking using Javascript, Firebase, and Google Tag Manager. For website optimization and improvements, I use HTML, CSS, JS. I also create high level dashboards using R-shiny. Outside of work, I work on Wordpress and Django to create hobby websites and blogs for my friends. I also used Eve and Flask (Python + MongoDB) for an analytics API development project with

Academic Research

Above all, I am most passionate about academic research in Information Systems and HCI. I am currently in the process of re-writing my paper that I submitted to CHI 2019 conference. My favorite research topics are behavioral and quantitative in nature involving the study of computer mediated collaboration, virtual groups, sociology & information technology, and psychological personality